Word of the Week: Boredom



[bawr-duh m, bohr-]
1. the state of being bored; tedium; ennui.


[bawr, bohr]
verb (used with object), bored, boring.
1. to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.:

“Back in my Day”

Growing up I was not allowed to say that I was bored. My father told me that there is never a reason to be bored. Life has too much to offer. Being someone who was home-schooled due to my hyperactivity in grade-school, this was a pretty difficult thing for me to grasp. I constantly craved input and stimulation to stay interested. How could I possibly have fun in the middle of nowhere, out in the woods, without my Gameboy in my hands, or at my parents’ get-together when no other children would be present? I couldn’t even sit through a full play-through of a board game.

It’s a Choice

The change has come slowly, but as I have matured, I have come to understand what my father meant. Every moment has so much to offer. All of our lives are finite and boredom is a choice. Do you want to spend your life bored?

Reluctantly, I started trying to focus more on the moment. I paid more attention to the conversations that my parents and their adult friends were having instead of wishing I was anywhere but there. Now and then I would even join in on a conversation with a “grown-up.” Because of this, I ended up learning a lot from them, passing the time much more enjoyably, and even learning conversational skills that have helped me all through my adult-life and professional career.

There are still lingering effects of my hyperactivity (I’ve never finished a full game of Monopoly), but I’ve come to learn that life really is an adventure and I’m going to make the most of every moment!

What about you?

Enjoying a morning cup of coffee while breathing in the fresh air of the woods

3 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Boredom

  1. Really enjoyed this. I never knew you made a conscious decision to converse with adults. It seemed such a natural thing for you. You were so good at it.


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